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Physician Dispensing

Precision RX Management is a reputable provider of comprehensive physician in-office dispensing pharmacy services on a national level.

Our company enables physicians to distribute FDA-approved medications, both branded and generic, directly to patients through their pharmacy insurance benefits or cash payments. Our dispensing programs are designed to cater to all medical, dental, and healthcare specialties.

In-office dispensing can help medical practitioners provide medications to their patients immediately, eliminating the need for a separate trip to the pharmacy and saving both time and money. Studies indicate that around 40% of patients do not follow their prescriptions as advised, 30% of all prescribed medicines are not even filled at the pharmacy, and more than 75% of patients prefer receiving their medications during their consultations.

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Precision RX Management has collaborated with numerous physicians, pharmacists, and manufacturers to develop top-notch physician dispensing solutions.


USA States and Dispensing License Amount

  • Alabama: Dispensing license: $100
  • Arkansas: Dispensing license: only 72-hour supply for emergencies, once licensed, can dispense as desired
  • Arizona: Dispensing license: $200
  • California: No license required
  • Colorado: No license required
  • Connecticut: No dispensing license required but $10 controlled substance license required (
  • Delaware: No license required
  • Florida: Dispensing license: $100
  • Georgia: No license required
  • Hawaii: No license required
  • Iowa: Dispensing license: $50 for 2 years
  • Idaho: Dispensing license: $60
  • Illinois: No dispensing license required. Physicians may store and dispense drugs under their individual CS license. The individual CS license must be issued to the facility address where the drugs will be stored.
  • Indiana: Dispensing license: $20
  • Kansas: No license required
  • Kentucky: No license required
  • Louisiana: Dispensing license: $75 plus background check
  • Massachusetts: No license required; only 72-hour supply for emergencies
  • Maryland: Dispensing license: $1100
  • Maine: No license required
  • Michigan: Dispensing license: $85 for 3 years
  • Minnesota: No license required
  • Missouri: Dispensing license: $90
  • Mississippi: No license required
  • Montana: Physician dispensing not allowed
  • North Carolina: Dispensing license: $50
  • North Dakota: No license required
  • Nebraska: No license required
  • New Hampshire: No license required
  • New Jersey: No license required
  • New Mexico: No license required
  • Nevada: Dispensing license: $300 for clinic and $50 for each physician, plus has to be registered as a Worker’s Comp. physician
  • New York: Physician dispensing not allowed
  • Ohio: Managed care, no physician reimbursement, no license
  • Oklahoma: No license required
  • Oregon: Physicians must complete an Application for Registration as a Dispensing Physician
  • Pennsylvania: No license required
  • Rhode Island: No license required
  • South Carolina: Dispensing license: $100
  • South Dakota: Dispensing license: no fee
  • Tennessee: No license required
  • Texas: Physician dispensing not allowed
  • Utah: Physician dispensing not allowed
  • Virginia: Dispensing license: $200 plus inspection
  • Vermont: No license required
  • Washington: No license required
  • Washington D.C.: Dispensing license: no fee upon mayoral approval
  • Wisconsin: No license required
  • West Virginia: Dispensing license: $35 for 2 years
  • Wyoming: Dispensing license: $10
The following lists are states in which physician dispensing is prohibited or have no reimbursement:
  • Montana: Physician dispensing not allowed
  • New York: Physician dispensing not allowed
  • Ohio: Managed care, no physician reimbursement, no license
  • Texas: Physician dispensing not allowed
  • Utah: Physician dispensing not allowed

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benefits of applying in-office dispensing of medications

In-office dispensing of medications refers to the practice of physicians dispensing prescription drugs directly to their patients from their own offices, instead of having patients visit a separate pharmacy. This approach has many benefits, including:


Increased Patient Convenience: With in-office dispensing, patients can conveniently receive their medications at the same location as their medical appointment, reducing the need for separate pharmacy visits.


Better Patient Outcomes: By ensuring patients have access to their medications, in-office dispensing can lead to better health outcomes, including improved symptom management and reduced hospitalizations.

Increased Patient Satisfaction: In-office dispensing can increase patient satisfaction by providing a more streamlined and convenient experience, ultimately leading to improved patient retention and referrals.


Improved Medication Adherence: In-office dispensing can improve medication adherence as patients are more likely to take their medications as prescribed when they receive them during their appointment.

Additional Revenue: Physicians can generate additional revenue through in-office dispensing by billing insurance companies or receiving cash payments for the medications provided.

Precision RX Management Dispensing Benefits

At Precision RX Management, We are dedicated to ensuring your success!

At Precision RX Management, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with our dispensing program. We strive to provide the highest quality of service to each of our clients, as we are committed to your success. When choosing an in-office dispensing provider, consider the many benefits that our program offers your practice.

With Precision RX Management Dispensing, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive medication dispensing services
  • A dedicated account manager to address your needs
  • Quick reimbursements for medications dispensed
  • Leading dispensing software for streamlined medication management
  • Analytics tools to maximize reimbursement and optimize formularies
  • Proven formulary optimization for better patient outcomes


Our in-office dispensing program is easy to implement and is suitable for on-site clinics, urgent care clinics, hospitals, physician practices, and work comp clinics in most states. Our licensed healthcare providers can help you seamlessly integrate our doctor dispensing program into your practice.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs and learn more about our physician dispensing solutions. We are always happy to answer your questions and provide the information you need to make the best decision for your practice.


Our physician dispensing solutions are powered by advanced technology, offering electronic 3rd party adjudication and cash-and-carry options, as well as inventory management, claims reconciliation, and robust reporting platforms. Our platform provides drug utilization information, side effect profiles, duration of therapy, drug-to-drug interactions, and more to streamline medication management


Precision RX Management follows safety and quality standards set by the FDA and DEA, ensuring that our physician dispensing solutions are safe and reliable for your patients. With our comprehensive programs, physicians and clinics can offer a hassle-free and convenient way for patients to receive their medication.


Based on a patient survey conducted on 1,023 adults aged 18 to 64, 78% of patients prefer to have their prescriptions filled at their doctor's office rather than a retail pharmacy if given the choice. Our in-office dispensing program provides patients with a more convenient option to receive their medication during their consultation, eliminating the need for a separate trip to the pharmacy.